Squint Clinic


The squint clinic is a speciality clinic in C.H.Nagri Eye Hospital which deals with squint, a major paediatric eye problem-highly undiagnosed and a matter of concern.

We have special instruments for diagnosis and accurate assessment of squint, like synoptophore, prism bar, WFDT, diplopia chart, Maddox wing and Maddox rod.

The diagnosis is not sufficient and the pts are divided into two major groups of Mx :-
1) Orthoptic treatment
2) Surgical.

We are fully equipped with both, orthoptic treatment setup, exercises, (HB exercise, chereoscope, sypotophore, computer games) as well as all instruments required for squint surgery in the operation theatre.

The patients examined for squint in our speciality clinic are more than 1700 average per year who are then subjected to treatment most suitable to them.