Contact Lens Clinic

A specialty clinic run at C H NAGRI eye hospital. Contact lenses are now the mainstay treatment for hypermetropes, myopes, aphakics, astigmatic patients as an alternative to refractive surgery. It is a cheaper, non invasive and reversible option to all those wanting removal of spectacles.

Contact lenses also serve a therapeutic purpose for patients with corneal microperforations, bullous keratopathy ,ectatic diseases and filamentary keratitis.

They can be used as a cosmetic tool for hiding corneal opacities and scars and also colored contact lens – a current craze amongst the youngsters


  • Soft contact lenses
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses (semi soft)
  • Therapeutic lenses
  • Cosmetic lenses


Individualized fitting is provided according to different corneal curvatures of each patient by KERATOMETRIC AND TOPOGRAPHIC evaluation .

Contact lenses are provided at affordable price.

Various contact lens solutions are also available.